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DESIGN THINKING For Customer Insight

STORYLINE is an insights agency specializing in Design Thinking. Companies partner with us when they have identified a compelling opportunity to innovate and seek to better understand it through a people-centric lens.

Our work ultimately empowers our clients to focus on what should be done for their customers, rather than what can be done; thereby shifting enterprise-level thinking from inside-out to outside-in.

Our clients are innovators and their project stakeholders are change agents. If you're looking for breakthrough insight into your customers and need to rally your organization around the customer story, get in touch!


What makes us unique

As an insights agency, we connect companies with their customers in meaningful ways and generate insight that is actionable with Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a term that is most often defined from a bird’s eye view. It’s been called a framework for innovation and a human-centered approach to solutions. At street level, design thinking is simply about understanding the people at the heart of the matter and creative problem solving.

Designers and engineers have been solving problems in the product industry for years with this approach, and it turns out its value goes well beyond the borders of product development. Today you can look up the term Design Thinking on LinkedIn and you’ll find it’s been adopted in financial services, insurance, education and even human resources; reason being there are a lot of problems out there that need solving and people are at the heart of the matter.

With design thinking, the design process is distilled into an assembly line of stages that takes practitioners on a journey from understanding the challenge all the way to solutions testing. With any industrialized process, however, what goes in the front end can positively or negatively impact the quality of results down the line. Design Thinking in its simplest form is creative problem solving, and the front end is about first defining the problem to be solved. If a problem isn’t fully understood or is poorly defined, down the line solutions risk being insignificant or worst case, irrelevant.

Our focus is to set our clients and partners up for success through mastery of Design Thinking for customer insight.

Client Reviews (5)

Best customer insight experience ever!

Qualitative Insights

Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

We contacted Pete Kotsonis through another peer in our company who had a great experience with Storyline. It was a perfect match from the beginning. Our ask was to get qualitative insights from our workforce to create a culture plan supporting our transformation.The output was a heartfelt storytelling through the lens of the employee journey. This created an opportunity to influence bottom up and define together the seeding ground for successful people and business interactions. My whole team had a deep connection and beautiful learning experience throughout the lenght of our partnership. I would hire their services in a hearbeat!

Global Change Manager
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
about 9 years ago
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