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Founded in 1980, Strategic America is a full-service, integrated advertising and field marketing agency specializing in data-driven marketing including branding, media, public relations, digital, direct response, analytics and creative solutions. Our seasoned team providses a wide spectrum of leading national brands and local partners. Our mission is "Better Ways, Best Results" brings innovation to every program we support. Whether you go to market as a franchise/dealer/agent network or direct, SA has experience, unique platforms and solutions to ensure marketing results.


Home, the best place to be

Marketing home products and services recognizes the special place they occupy in your life. A place of comfort, safety, and identity. These products clear a higher bar of trust and inspection by consumers.

Client Reviews (1)

Strategic America took STEM from Obscure to Omnipresent


Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000

A competitive proposal process netted the services of Strategic America (S.A.) in 2013 to promote the mission of the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council. A well-researched, cost-shared pitch won us over, and the partnership has since thrived, indeed flourished. The team at S.A. delivers full service from ideation to conceptualization to implementation to evaluation in a continuous improvement cycle that makes us better every iteration. The dozens of events, communications, programs and publications that have brought Iowa's statewide STEM initiative from obscurity to omnipresent in the lives of leaders and learners across the education and industry spectra are all shaped for the better by S.A. Iowa STEM has won the hearts and minds of its citizens and corralled us a national brand for STEM excellence thanks to Strategic America.

Executive Director
Governors STEM Advisory Council
Education Management
over 1 year ago
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