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Why we're unique

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StrawberryFrog is the global Cultural Movement agency.

StrawberryFrog challenges the status quo with fragrant ideas and a steely resolve that combines culture, entrepreneurship, imagination and technology into Cultural Movements.

Our competitive edge is developing Cultural Movement strategies for our clients, who are increasingly global brands. Our capabilities include
- FrogLogic, our process to develop Cultural Movement strategies for our clients.
- Anthropological research
- Creative excellence on all platforms
- Digital presence, social media, mobile expertise
- Communications architecture/planning/investment modeling
- NPD development
- Global brand stewardship
- Analytics and evaluation

We believe brands can identify, crystallize, curate and sponsor Cultural Movements. When you have a Cultural Movement, you can do anything in a fragmenting media universe.

We are a global company, with offices in Amsterdam, New York and Sao Paulo.

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