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Who we Are

StrawberryFrog was founded in 1999 with the goal of inventing a new kind of creative-driven marketing and communications company, delivering three distinctive benefits to our clients:

- Executing better, faster, and with greater agility than our large, corporate, dinosaur competitors.

- Building capabilities as a creative powerhouse and a research-backed strategic consultancy to solve marketing as well as internal culture and employee challenges.

- Driving results for our clients with our proven approach: Movement Thinking™.

Our creative galvanizes and mobilizes people, not to just win awards, is designed holistically, not as ‘one-offs’ and engages head & heart to motivate people to action.

StrawberryFrog Products

Movement Outside™ is our legacy marketing practice. Movement Outside™ focuses on mobilizing consumers who feel part of a community of active and passionate advocates, which drives business growth.

Movement Inside™ is our transformation & change consultancy practice. Movement Inside™ guides people leaders away from top-down leadership and towards reimagining a better way to organize and motivate human behaviors internally.

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