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Over 30 years ago, Antonio Damasio sought to undermine a prevailing belief among his colleagues—the belief that logic yielded good decisions and emotion led to bad decisions. Observing a group of people who (because of a specific brain trauma) had lost the ability to register emotional reactions, his assumption was they’d be able to filter out the emotional noise often attached to decision-making. They’d be like Mr. Spock—cool, rational and incapable of error.

Something completely different happened. Damasio found that without emotion, the facts were overwhelming and nearly meaningless. There was no emotional context for their decision-making process. No markers to indicate whether a previous experience had yielded good, bad or indifferent results. The new understanding was this: Emotion doesn’t hinder our decisions, it enables them. It clarifies the logic and provides a roadmap for desirable results.

What does this have to do with us? With our clients? Everything. Logic alone won’t convince our clients’ audiences to choose their brand. And logic alone won’t help clients choose to work with Struck. That’s why we’ve spent our careers fighting for emotion—crafting work that connects with an audience on a level that goes beyond feature, function and bang-for-your-buck and we thrive in that space. So, we know that we’re probably not the logical choice.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Some of our most recent work

We're proud of the creative work you see below, but we're even more proud of the results the work has delivered for our clients. Our creative is rooted in strong strategic insights and the combination moves the needle for our clients and keeps them coming back.

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greater than $200,000

Campaign for accountants

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Insight driven, digital first, campaign platforms for awareness & demand gen. High quality, fast, edgy with a traditional twist. Seriously impressive agency. Joy to work with.

Global Director, Brand and Campaigns
Marketing and Advertising
about 9 years ago
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