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Connect People. Solve Problems.

Suits & Sandals is an award-winning digital creative agency that uses human-centered design, forward-thinking brand strategy, creative solutions, and digital technology to help businesses and mission-driven organizations connect with their audiences, solve core business challenges, and spur on innovation & digital transformation.

We fit right in the middle of the Venn diagram between consulting firms and creative agencies. We perform research & discovery to develop insights, recommendations, and road maps for clients–then actually take action through creative services like brand identity design, UX/UI design, web & app development, and content production.


Suits & Sandals Portfolio

We’ve found that when people are passionate about something, they have better ideas and create better work. We work with companies that we believe in, and that makes our relationships stronger. Our clients come from a wide range of industries and account sizes, but they all have one thing in common - they’re doing something a little differently than everyone else. We helped them get there.

Client Reviews (3)

Simple, Easy and Productive!

Budget Range
less than $20,000

We initially chose Suits & Sandals because we felt they best understood the help we needed.

We felt validated as we began to work together as Nick and team listened and was able to help us better crystalize and simplify our message.

We now have a simple tag line and a central theme in all of our messaging, especially the area we struggled with the most (when we don't yet know someone's needs).

Information Technology and Services
over 1 year ago
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