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About Sullivan

Sullivan partners with organizations of consequence whose complex challenges bring forth decisions that have significant impact.

Whether that’s deciding who to trust with your commercial real estate space, choosing where you go to college, or selecting a technology solution that changes how your company will operate, we help our clients reach their constituencies when and where it matters most.

Founded in 1990 by Barbara Apple Sullivan, we’ve helped top organizations uncover the humanity behind their complexity since our inception. Where other agencies focus on high-level awareness building, Barbara recognized an opportunity to help organizations with complex ecosystems use brand to reach customers at critical points of decision.

While our portfolio is purposefully diverse, what unites all of our clients—and positions us well to support you—is that they’re nurturing long-term relationships with multiple decision-makers, and the decisions to engage involve big financial and emotional commitments. Our team develops the strategy to differentiate products and reach customers, and then activates creative at any touchpoint where customers are most likely to interact, which you can see from our services list on our website.

Sullivan is an independent, WBENC-certified woman-owned business.

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