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Global Brand Naming & Language Studio

The name you chose is the most consequential brand decision you will ever make.

We empower you and your team every step of the naming journey.

Together, we will prime your brand to change the world, one word at a time.

Our services include:

+ Brand Naming - Capturing the essence of your brand, right in the name. For products, companies and more.

+ Brand Language - Revealing your brand's purpose. Crafting strategies, stories and copy that people love.

+ Data & Research - Testing names, concepts and messages with your audience to learn what sticks, and why.

Client Reviews (5)

Our Go-To Brand Naming Partner


Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

We were hired to rebrand a health tech company. The scope of work included renaming, which isn't a service we offer. Partnering with Tanj helped us win the pitch.

Working with Tanj was enjoyable and our workflows lined up seamlessly. Their approach and recommendations impressed the client and they were extremely happy with the final name choice.

A great name makes the visual identity design process easier, so we were grateful to have worked with Tanj on this project. Since this first collaboration, we've consistently recommended Tanj any time brand naming enters the conversation.

Cofounder, CEO
Suits & Sandals
almost 2 years ago
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