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We design, create, and build brands

Founded in 1994, Tank is a full-service, multidisciplinary design and branding studio with offices in Boston (Cambridge), New York and San Francisco.

We help transform organizations, re-invigorate brands and grow businesses in many different sectors, from the small and independent, to large multinational 

Our clients come to us for innovative and effective design solutions in any 
medium — analog, digital or environmental.

We believe in the strength of rigorous graphic exploration, and that building meaningful working relationships with our clients creates powerful solutions.


The best ideas aren’t always “thought of” first and then executed – rather, they reveal themselves through the hard work of visual and verbal exploration.

Tank’s Design Exploration Phase is our greatest differentiator and generates an enormous wealth of ideas. The approach is not one of attempting to be ‘right,’ but rather to ask every question and explore all the possible answers.

Tank and our clients collaboratively determine what is right, using the design work to guide and inform the team.

The ability and desire to play whatever project roles are most appropriate allows Tank to help clients maximize their budgets by leveraging internal and/or more cost effective resources where appropriate.


Example Projects

We pride ourselves in our interest and ability to work in virtually all verticals, and 
within nearly all channels – our industry and channel-agnostic approach has been a consistent focus of positive differentiation according to past clients.

Here are some examples of our broad range of work.

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