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About TEC Direct Media

We plan and buy media for artists, brands and agencies so they can generate awareness, acquire new customers and drive sales. As a top ad agency in Chicago, we believe that media, and the data derived from media, are the power vehicles which deliver great messages to audiences that want to discover, advocate and purchase your product or service.

We provide strategic direct response or general media management services for a variety of marketers. We work in all media, utilizing the latest technology to swiftly plan, buy, measure and improve campaign performance. And we’re one of the only agencies in the US that holistically report your online and offline media performance using a unified campaign reporting tool we call M3D.


We strive to incorporate our values into everything we do.

Collaboration, strategy, accuracy, efficiency, education and relationships are at the core of every media plan we develop, and it shows. Our clients tell us our responsive and goal-driven media managers provide a resource that feels more like an in-house media agency. The following projects outline some of the results we’re especially proud of.

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