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About Us

After 25 years on Madison Avenue, Executive Creative Directors Terri Meyer & Sandy Greenberg left the big agency world with a fervent mission: To bring brand-igniting communication platforms to clients in faster, smarter, more cost-efficient ways.Terri and Sandy have built brands for Nestlé, Kodak, Kraft, Gerber, Campbell’s, Clairol, and American Standard—many of the largest companies in the world. Yet their two names guarantee a level of personal service and a passion rarely found in today’s advertising world.

Ask clients about Terri and Sandy and you will hear about their reputation for achieving startling success in the marketplace. For instance while at Draftfcb, they spearheaded the Oreo campaign “Milk’s Favorite Cookie.” The platform inspired an outdoor installation that made headlines in the New York Times, a social media campaign that helped propel Oreo to one of the top three brands on Facebook, and a television campaign that garnered eight spots on Ad Age’s list of the top ten most liked and recalled commercials of the month.

At TERRI & SANDY, they have continued to forge great success on behalf of their esteemed clients: People Magazine, Nestle, Gerber, Peeps, GlaxoSmithKline, Barbara’s Bakery, and Freshpet. The company offers strategic and creative solutions for small brands, emerging brands, and iconic brands in troubled waters.

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