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Why we're unique

The Dubs is the content marketing agency for the financial sector. We conceptualise, create and distribute content to meet the needs of finance brands when articulating their stories to customers and target audiences.

Being a financial services specialist we inherently understand the industry is bound by tight regulations and complex subject matter. We bring an editorial and publishing rigour to deliver engaging content that fits with compliance. Our experience also means marketing teams can work faster as the content is made fit for purpose and does not get bogged down in rounds of amends or compliance issues.

We have built our experience in financial services marketing since 1996 and cover the width of the industry. We work with retail and investment banks, asset and fund managers, insurers and brokers, financial planners and advisers, superannuation firms and pension houses, emerging markets and fintechs.

Given our diverse client base, we have subject matter experts who know how to communicate to retail consumers (B2C), wholesale and institutional investors (B2B), and intermediary audiences (B2B2C).

An integral part of our offer is the targeted distribution and amplification of content across social and digital channels. We have built deep relationships with the leading social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. And content is search engine optimised to rank highly within Google and further supported by search engine marketing campaigns.

And we practice what we preach. All of the strategies, tactics and approaches we recommend to our clients we actively use on our own content program. Our blog has become an industry publication for financial marketers globally providing insightful news, commentary and research on content marketing within the financial sector.

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