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About Us

You know that in order to grow your brand email & SMS marketing are more critical than ever.
But to execute at the quality you expect you need exceptional copywriters, designers, technical experts, and strategists. Not only is hiring a nightmare but employing all those positions full-time might not be feasible.

Freelancers, on the other hand, are usually proficient at one thing but don't provide the full range of email services you need. Beyond that, who has the time to manage another person managing your email marketing?

Agencies are a dime a dozen but good ones are rare. Those that provide full marketing services are rarely exceptional at any of them.

*Dramatic entry* - This is where The Email Marketers come in.

This 100% remote team consists of the most talented email & SMS marketers across the globe. We believe you deserve someone who cares about your brand as much as you do. Often, that’s where agencies fall short, which is why we see ourselves as your outsourced email marketing team.

Email & SMS is where the magic happens: The moment when your customer falls in love with your brand, not just your product. When they find a home in your community. When they delight in your email campaigns and refer friends even when their need has already been met.

Our mission is to support 1,000 purpose-driven brands in touching lives, increasing $, and building lasting customer relationships.

Curious about how good we really are? Schedule a call and let’s review your account together.

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