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About The Naming Group

The Naming Group is a brand naming agency that works with leading corporations to develop brand-wide naming strategies, and the names that support them. Our unique focus on the namescape ensures that every name we develop works strategically to advance our clients’ brands.

We partner with brands like GM, Sony, Capital One, and Nestle, strategically shaping their namescapes – not just creating individual product names. This ensures that every name we do develop works with the names around it to tell a cohesive story. It all hinges on the namescape.

Name development is too often an isolated process. And naming agencies are too often engaged for quick, tactical fixes. That's why we focus on the big-picture power of a brand’s entire namescape. It means getting involved with leadership and honing an upfront strategy that clarifies the naming process and strengthens the brand articulation through every name the company develops.

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