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Marketing Agency Built to Grow Leader Brands

We don’t just build brands. We grow category leaders.

Ramey is an agency built to help leader brands succeed. In the 80’s, we partnered with Viking Range and over a 25-year relationship, helped them redefine the home kitchen.

Today, we are group of passionate people, organized in client-centered teams, who collaborate on ideas to grow your brand. It’s a formula for success that has helped us partner with some of the most admired brands of our time.

We work to build the value of your brand tomorrow while simultaneously creating consumer engagement to meet aggressive sales goals today.

The benefits to you: greater accountability, improved speed to market, a far more efficient use of your marketing budget and increased brand equity.

Current and recent clients include:

World’s most iconic culinary brand.
One of America’s leading fast-casual restaurants.
World’s leading cookware company.
America’s largest privately held wireless company.
World’s largest geothermal manufacturer.
World’s leading window coverings brand.
One of America’s fastest-growing utilities.
World’s leading creator of 3D software.
World’s leading automotive manufacturer.

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Client Reviews (3)

Ramey helped us build Fortune's Number-Two Breakaway Brand

Budget Range
greater than $200,000

Ramey was the agency of record for Viking Range for more than 25 years, working closely with the founder and marketing team to build an extraordinary high-end brand. During my tenure as Director of Marketing from 2004 to 2013, I found Ramey to be able to focus both on building long-term brand equity, while at the same time, generating short-term results. During this time, Fortune recognized Viking as the number-two “Breakaway Brand” (second only to Apple’s iPod). Fortune and Landor tracked not only consumer perceptions, but also the financial contribution that brand strength makes to each firm’s bottom line. In a nutshell, not only were they world class marketers for us, they were just importantly business partners. – Bill Andrews

Director of Marketing
Viking Range Corporation
Marketing and Advertising
over 6 years ago
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