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About Us

We help you empower your vision, imprint your message, and engage your people.

We are a Dallas-based film company focused on a documentary-style approach to producing video content. We create brand films for individuals, organizations, and brands that are always on brand, on message, and engage the audience.

We have over a decade of experience producing video content. We have produced a wide range of projects such as feature films, reality TV shows, music videos, and corporate videos.

We now focus on creating branded content for agencies, brands, and individuals as well as social and cultural documentaries.

We blur the line between advertising agency and video production company. Working in experiential marketing gave us a vast knowledge of consumer and business interests. Our ability to explore the world of our clients allows us to capture and document their culture, people, and processes. This is what makes our expression of a story unique, authentic, and engaging.

We have guiding beliefs that help us create the best video content possible for our clients:

We believe in creating high-quality product and continually honing our craft through proper planning and pre-production. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing RIGHT.

We believe in doing good business with good people and finding inspiration through interactions with those around us.

Your story is your brand. Let us tell it. It's time to Think Branded Media!

Client Reviews (1)

Absolute Pros!

Video Production

Budget Range
less than $20,000

The team at Think Branded Media are absolute PROs. They showed up early, had a lot of input, understood our vision, was able to adapt, worked well as a team and displayed genuine professionalism throughout. We will definitely be working with them in the future.

MyCause Brand
Apparel & Fashion
almost 3 years ago
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