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About Us

Succeeding in a new media world requires living by a new set of rules. Off-the-shelf solutions don't work. Anticipating trends and custom-tailoring client solutions does.

Our agile, entrepreneurial and results-focused approach follows three rules:

1. Make integration an approach, not a buzz word. Many agencies talk integration; we live it. Using TouchPoint’s Roundtable Integration® approach,
all of our Traditional and Digital Media discipline leaders sit at the strategic planning table together to design the most effective media program for each client’s needs.

By taking this media neutral approach, we never lose sight of client goals.

2. Media clout comes from connections, not just volume. TouchPoint’s seasoned professionals have the industry standing to demand competitive
rates without compromising the integrity of the buy. Our media channel experts have proven track records, some that span 20-plus years, and the ability to quickly read and adapt to changes in the marketplace.

3. Promise accountability and deliver results. At TouchPoint, we take a top-down approach to accountability, with senior management engaged from day one in each client’s business. As Direct and Brand Response specialists, delivering efficiencies and sales are our driving principles. We commit, we focus and we deliver.

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