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About Us

Trilia Media launched as a separate branded, full-service media agency owned by Hill Holliday, a member of Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG).

It’s a deceptively simple formula but the simplicity masks the tricky part. Knowing how to use the science and developing creative ideas that challenge the conventions is very hard to do. Trilia lives at the nexus of these two variables. So, the Science, driven by data and technology, programmatic buying, and marketplace insights, combined with Ideas that people want to interact with, are what drives the strongest outcomes for our clients.

Our point of difference lies in how we’ve operated for the past 47 years. We are extremely proud of our heritage of media and creative integration. Time and again we have seen that this focus on integration leads to the development of unique ideas. Ideas that drive social conversation and most importantly brand consideration, preference, and sales. Regardless of whether we are collocated with our creative partners or housed in separate agencies, we are driven to creating the strongest partnership for the development of these unique ideas.

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