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We Create Brand Excitement

Our specialty is developing daring, imaginative, of-the-moment ideas, activations, and experiences that build powerful consumer-brand relationships.

We're a band of seekers, creators, and mischief-makers. Meet a team that gets fired up about cool ideas—and how to make them better, bolder, and smarter. We run from the unexpected. We question everything. But more importantly, we know the questions to ask. Not just to find an answer but to gain perspective. We’re here to rethink, redefine, and resolve. To challenge norms and conventions. To capture imagination. To create brand excitement.

What's brand excitement?

You know the feeling. When you find yourself spending more time in a brand’s world because you just can’t get enough. Maybe it reflects what matters to you. Fuels your passions. Or gives you a sense of community. It’s not about buying more stuff but being part of the story.

Client Reviews (1)

Awesome Partner


Upshot is a great partner to have with a fantastic ability to develop and execute smart, strategic campaigns. Very flexible and open.

Brand Manager
Nestle Coffee Partners
over 2 years ago
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