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About Us

Created in 2015 Uteek is a German-Tunisian company which operates in four continents and which continues to develop thanks to the recognition of its customers and to the perseve5ance of his team.

When it was launched, Uteek was only made up of 3 people who believed in this structure which has more than 25 talents in its workforce dedicated to their profession today.

In its early days, the company first specialized in computer development and technological expertise. Then, our perspective extended to other horizons such as communication and digital marketing.

We always aim to expand our areas of expertise through innovation and creation of added value in order to best satisfy our customers.

Based in Tunis and Berlin, while having franchises in Dubai as well as New York, Uteek has a multilingual team that is fluent in Arabic, French, English and German.

Our expansion into the international market has allowed us to work on different projects in different sectors such as tourism, culture, NGOs, media, government sector, etc.

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Client Reviews (3)

the output was just terrific


I absolutely loved working with Uteek digital, the work flow was so trouble-free and agile. I loved that they added their creative touches while conforming the project specifications. As a whole, the output was just terrific.
Ps: super friendly staff !

Computer Software
about 2 years ago
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