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About Us

VGCA is a new kind of creative resource. We are a collective cadre of passion-driven, stupidly talented, creatively-led industry veterans, who get straight to solving your core business problem through the effectiveness of creative solutions.

We’ve been part of big agencies and have recognized the need for a new model -- one that breaks down the legacy conventions of outdated, over-staffed, undisciplined agency models and provides you only with what’s needed to deliver the optimal and most efficient solution to your brand or business need.

When it comes to how we work, think of it this way -- if you’re a skier, you know that the best powder and ski runs are just a hike, between the trees or up a mountain. The hike is never the easiest, but when you find that perfect run where you get to leave the first pair of tracks, you know you just struck gold. At VGCA, this is how we attack our mountains of creative opportunities. We’ll never hop on the bunny slope just because it’s easy and we’ll never leave tracks where others have been. We aim to bolster our collective years of tested and groomed experience to make sure your brand is seen as those daring skiers willing to climb their own mountains so those at the bottom can watch them leave the first tracks.

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