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Do it with Vigor™

Vigor brings big brand thought leadership and award-winning design to restaurant brands who want propel to the forefront of their category.

During our over fifteen years of experience, Vigor has been an integral part of launching and growing over 150 restaurant brands from quick service (QSR) to full service (FSR) and every style in between.

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Tried & True For 7 Years



Lotus Concepts Management has trusted Vigor to help create and successfully launch several large Colorado restaurant and beer brands over the past 7 years - most noteworthy including ViewHouse Eatery, Bar, & Rooftop, VH Beer, and My Neighbor Felix. We continue to work with Joseph Szala and his creative team at Vigor because they are truly experts when it comes to restaurant branding, marketing, and strategy. We have relied on Vigor for a wide variety of creative services - like concept developments, logos, websites, menus, collateral packages, interiors, brand definitions, and much much more. Besides being innovative, reliable, and quick, the Vigor team is super fun to work with. It has been a blast bringing concepts to life with Vigor, and I'm confident they will bring the same success and value to any brand they work with.

Marketing Director
Lotus Concepts Management
over 4 years ago
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