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We invest in the futures of all of our clients.

Vladimir Jones (VJ) is one of the original independent, integrated advertising agencies in the U.S. Founded in 1970, we have, since the beginning, believed in the power of brilliant brands. We love what they do for people, we love how they do it, and we want to help them do it for more people. We also believe that every brand needs a true partner.

True partners see deeply enough to realize potential and to help brands grow altruistically. VJ’s focus on brand altruism means that we are not in it for the short-term income. We’re only in it for the mutual success of our clients and our agency over the long term.

In an industry where female leadership is underrepresented, we are proud to be women-owned and -led, and have had a gender-neutral pay policy since our founding in 1970.


We only work with clients we believe in.

We are small enough to make a big impact, with all of the capabilities and tools of much larger agencies (and agency holding companies). What separates us is our agility. We move at speeds they can’t and in directions they won’t. We focus all of our teams on impact. Client success is our standard for a job well done.

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