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The Planet's Most Interesting Agency

A lofty vow in an industry overcrowded with promises of being different. However, one good look at our people and the things we do, and we believe you’ll find that we are, in fact, most interesting. We face the world the way the world faces us. And it is this unique and unrivaled diversity of thought culture that provides us with endless opportunities to break through.

Our Approach

We’re not huge fans of “formulas”.

Challenges drive our process, not the other way around. Our strategic and creative approach is flexible and adaptable to our partners’ every need. Our profound cultural understanding and robust strategic/creative leadership allow us to be successful through flawless, detailed execution.

We’re usually the agency that gets the call when brands need a refresh, when sales are down and consumers have lost faith. And we never fear a blank canvas—because we thrive on opportunities that require thinking above and beyond the day-to-day. Every day of every week of every month of every year, our sights are set on becoming your brand’s most valuable partner.

Our Focus

Walton Isaacson is an advertising and marketing agency that focuses on channel agnostic creative. WI was founded in late 2005 by industry veterans Aaron Walton and Cory Isaacson in partnership with Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, with full service offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City.

WI is leading the way through strategic thinking with a variety of clients, delivering on the promise to be ‘The Planet’s Most Interesting Agency.’ We believe there’s nothing we can’t do. From brand development, to strategic thinking, to creative concepting, to full experiential and entertainment marketing execution … we make it happen.

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