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About Winbox

Email marketing the right way is about sending useful content, to people who want to receive it, providing value in every communication.

Winbox was formed in 2013 to help businesses benefit from the great opportunity email marketing has to offer. When it’s done the right way you’ll turn your suspects into prospects, prospects into clients and clients into raving fans of your business.

Expectations have changed and it is now more important than ever to build relationships with prospects and clients. By communicating value to recipients in every communication this is exactly what you’re doing and your target audience is going to be waiting eagerly for your next email to arrive.

Winbox also takes away the time of creating emails and coming up with new ideas. You’ll benefit from a campaign manager with years of knowledge and expertise to take care of everything for you in the most effective way. From idea generation, to email creation and reporting and analysis.

The question to ask is does your business have value to give? If so, do email marketing the right way and share this value with your target audience to grow your business and feel good at the same time.

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