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About writer army

WriterArmy is a digital agency providing customized, engaging, authority building and revenue driving content and select inbound marketing services, specific to your brand, industry and competitive environment.

Founded by Sully Chaudhary in 2013 in Seattle, WriterArmy was created to provide outstanding, responsive and expert-led copywriting services to our clients with extraordinary value and sincere dedication to their success.

We have numerous successful case studies, helping some of our clients build multi-million dollar valued digital businesses virtually from scratch, relying on our action-driving marketing copy, the talented writing team we have carefully hand-picked, and strategic content marketing insight.

By specializing in a handful of industries including marketing, real estate, legal, healthcare, travel, and tech, we are able to provide highly accurate and engaging content that drives action, resonates with your target audiences and creates brand recognition to set you at the forefront of your industry.

We specialize in partnering with marketing agencies and offer scalable and fully customizable content and content marketing packages and select add-on services.

Most of our content services are fully customizable. We also frequently work with individually owned businesses, firms, infopreneurs/influencers, and other companies with ongoing content needs. 

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