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About Wunderdogs

Wunderdogs is a Silicon Valley-based independent creative agency for innovation-driven companies. We provide beginning-to-end design, production and strategy services.

Wunderdogs are the go-to-creative partners for progressive, forward thinking brands: we launch and scale early-stage brands aspiring to become industry leaders; we advise and reimagine growth stage businesses for their next phase of expansion; and we support established companies disrupt their categories through new ventures.

Regardless of size our clients all have two things in common: they are ambitious and they are innovating. We help them stand out from the crowd.

Our services include:
Naming, Brand Development, Digital, Pitch Decks and Creative Production.

We’re a team of professionals with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, operations, investing, marketing, design and production.

We understand innovative companies require holistic approach to growth, one where design plays 
a leading role in helping you achieve your goals 
and goes beyond simple aesthetics.

We believe a successful creative team must be industry-aware, proactive and transparent. We believe in partnership and shared responsibility.

With our team focused on the tech space for the past 7 years it was technology that empowered us 
to build Wunderdogs. We now exclusively work with innovative organizations and emerging industries, 
so if you are doing something new - we will be 
a great fit.

Client Reviews (2)

Perfect agency for early stage startups


When we were just starting, Wunderdogs helped turn our jumbled ideas into a reality! The team is highly creative and organized. From our ideas they created our first brand identity and pitch deck design. They presented us with several concepts then collaborated with us on finalizing the brand identity using our feedback. We used these assets to successfully raise our first round of funding.

What impressed me most was their quick turnarounds and attention to detail. They always went above and beyond to deliver a high quality product that met our needs. Would highly recommend working with them!

Robin Golf
Sporting Goods
5 months ago
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