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About Wunderkraut

Wunderkraut is a leading digital agency, specializing in designing and delivering creative, measurable solutions. Our goal is to create an excellent user experience, to empower and advance arrangement, and to revamp businesses. We focus on content, context and communities. Our designs and digital experiences are deliberate and delightful for end-users and clients.


Examples of our Work

• 'MyKot' student room finder of Br(ik

Br(ik wanted a website and mobile app for the new student room finder. A high-quality and efficient solution that guaranteed maintainability was sought. Our team went through to the preliminary process consisting of the technical analysis and the wireframes and was given the contract to ‘design and develop’.

• Concept & Ambassadorship for AnySurfer

AnySurfer was looking for an innovative concept for the website as well as ideas to promote different graduations to simplify this. This means that every website that invests into web accessibility can already experience the advantages from phase 1.

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