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Customer Journey Engagement Magicians

You know how VP’s and Marketing Directors sometimes struggle to improve results along the customer journey?

We solve that.

We do it by fusing passion and evolving technologies with proven strategies to boost engagement at any step of the customer journey. Over the last 25+ years, XPROMOS has continually evolved this approach to drive millions in revenue for Fortune 500 companies and everyday name B2B and B2C brands, in categories ranging from SaaS and CPGs to building materials and toys. Our proven model for success transcends product verticals, trade classes, buyer personas and points in the customer journey, from discovery to advocacy.

Our clients say we work magic. We consistently leverage emerging trends to seize opportunities that bring value beyond the budget.

We meet impossible deadlines. We succeed with new technologies. We squeeze more ROI out of tight budgets.


Proven Tactics + Emerging Technologies

Examples of how XPROMOS has driven sales by boosting engagement at every step of the customer journey.

Client Reviews (1)

Top notch agency that always delivers.

Experiential Marketing


I've used X! Promos for email marketing campaigns, sweepstakes execution, and experiential marketing campaigns. Yvette and Shari are the easiest team to work with. They are very organized, always keep the lines of communication open, and aren't afraid to push the status quo.

Every campaign I've worked with the X! Promos team has exceeded the lead goals. They are extremely creative and in tune with the needs of the marketplace.

Now that I'm on the consulting side I don't get to work with them anymore. However, when my clients need an agency partner they are my go to 100% of the time.

Sr. Marketing Manager
Computer Software
over 7 years ago
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