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About X2

At X2, We are all brand virologists - we engineer and spread your brand through creativity!

In such a rapidly changing society, people see millions of messages a day and build up their defences to messages, becoming “immune”. How to break these defences and make your brand messages become “contagious”, just like a virus is what we always concentrate on. It is way beyond than just “marketing”...

We call it “Brand Virology”.

We engineer big ideas that’s potentially “contagious”, plant it deep inside the mind of your target audience and let it grow through an emotional and experiential way, using our cross-platform solutions.
Our Services include
Content Influencing & Communicating: Engineer literal creative through Brand positioning, Content creation Copywriting.
Visualizing: Engineer graphical creative through Brand Identity and Packaging Design.
Digital Connecting: Transmit creative through all-around digital capabilities, from UX Design to Social media strategy.
Experiencing: Create compelling live brand experiences to infect your target audience.

Operating since 2011, we are 20 young, dynamic, passionate and professional brand virologists with global experiences. Our clients range from Lenovo, Pernod Ricard, Huawei, FWD, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Formula E, SHK, Deutsche Bank, Landmark and Kering Group etc.

We are ready and eager to engineer “Creative That’s Contagious” for your brand. Make the partner for your next project or event? Please contact Zoe Cheng, Business Director at [email protected].

Looking forward to make the brand viral!

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