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Enterprise Growth Strategists

Guided marketing strategy to help you reach your inbound marketing goals.

We help you handle HubSpot setup and integration, web design, search engine optimization, marketing automation, and more.

We believe that higher conversions come from a combination of better user experience, higher visibility, and data-driven analysis to help you identify your most promising opportunities.


Marketing Automation Platforms

We put the power of marketing automation in your hands by building a custom, easy to use WordPress website, integrated with dozens of tools to help you grow your business. From end-to-end tracking of user journeys to corporate SEO strategy to improve SERP rankings, we utilize AI to drive business decisions based on data, eliminating all guesswork.

Client Reviews (9)

Website Overhaul, Automation, and Marketing

User Experience

Budget Range
less than $20,000

I hired Auden Digital for a complete overhaul of my website. My website was old, clunky, and needed work. I wasn't sure what to expect at the time but now a great deal of my website and client interactions are automated. This is so important to me because it saves me HOURS a week. Not only that but the communications tie into my marketing plan as well as my case management software. I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome and results.

Law Office of Terrence Marsh
Legal Services
about 4 years ago
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