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Big Teeth is a creative production studio moving people to watch, feel, and act.

Our work spans animation, motion graphics, live-action production and mixed media. We create video content that sells products, or emotions, or sometimes both; and whatever we do, we do it with intention.

The good news for you is that we've been doing this for over 16 years and we know how to speak the language regardless of the size of the company or the audience. We can make your audience, laugh, cry, learn, love... you name it.

We also thrive on managing the project the way it should be managed. This is so damn unsexy to mention, but when the time comes to get it done so that it looks awesome but also doesn't make your life hell - you'll be happy we were there.

At Big Teeth, Brand Films are our bread and butter. Great Brand Films are our Jam.


The Work

When you look at Big Teeth what you'll notice is a wide breadth of style and substance. We make things that look cool, but most important we make things that tell the right stories for the right audiences... and we're pretty fun to work with.

Client Reviews (6)

INCREDIBLE SERVICE!! (Super Professional + Super Friendly!!)


Budget Range
greater than $200,000

To put it bluntly, our project would not have been NEARLY as professional, entertaining, or high quality as it turned out to be without the help of Big Teeth Productions, bar none. They were nothing but honest, decent, fair, and the work product immensely exceeded my expectations. They listened attentively to our needs during the creative development process, processed our particular needs effectively, and came up with creative solutions promptly, which we worked on together over time to create optimal outcomes. Turnaround time was awesome, and their platform for sharing media and communications was also very effective for efficiency. They put not only their time, but more importantly, their hearts and souls into their work with us. And they really and truly believed in us and what we were trying to accomplish, which is why, even aside from their inherent talents and skills in animation, graphics, and other creative assets, their work with us turned out to be so good in the end. Their team was functional, intelligent, creative, and driven, and Elise and Gregg delegated work to their employees when necessary prudently and with discretion. Their prices were quite (almost unreasonably in fact in my humble estimation) fair, and I was proud and happy with every single dollar we spent on this particular partnership. What's more, I consider them not only professionals and partners in our endeavor, but also true and real friends as well. They are, no doubt, just simply good people running a good business, and I could not recommend them more highly to folks looking for assistance with any type of animation, graphics, or creative work in film and video, among other activities I know they engage in with and for their clients from time to time. Contact them if you want good service and good results!!

Documentary Film Writer/Director/Producer
Golden Rule Films
almost 4 years ago
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