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About Us

Big Teeth Productions is a creative production studio moving people to think, feel, and act with entertaining and strategic video content.

Big Teeth was founded in 2005 by a pair of agency world survivors. In 2018, they introduced Big Teeth Films and Big Teeth Animation, two separate creative entities. As Big Teeth Films, we want to evoke a feeling in our audience by telling a story that resonates with the brand in the right way. And sometimes when a story can’t be told within the constraints of the actual world, that’s when we dip into the animation well. Big Teeth Animation helps tell your stories in ways that are visually striking, aurally awesome and on point.


Our Work

When you look at Big Teeth what you'll notice is a wide breadth of style and substance. We make things that look cool, but most important we make things that tell the right stories for the right audiences... and we're pretty fun to work with.

Client Reviews (5)

They made us look like heroes!

Graphic / Communication


We were introduced to Big Teeth when our client, a publicly traded corporation, hired our office to design a video annual report. Although we were familiar with producing print and HTML annual reports, a video report was new territory. Not knowing who to contact, we researched Chicago area video production companies. It was one of our luckiest days ever when we connected with Big Teeth, because it was instantly obvious that their experience and creativity made them the ideal fit.
We realized as soon as the project was underway, how easy and enjoyable they are to work with. Not only did they accommodate our budget and tight deadlines, the attention they gave our project made us feel like we were their most important customer. In the end, Big Teeth delivered an engaging video, with animations and motion graphics that exceeded our high expectations.
They made us look like heroes to our client.

O'Connor Design
29 days ago
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