Fast, Unexpected Creative Beautifully Executed (and fun to work with!)

I'm proud to be on my 4th CMO role in Chicago after some great exits -- and Big Teeth has been a key creative partner at all of them. The reason I keep going back to them is that they are both smart and creative. Some times I bring them a jumble of thoughts (wishes?) for something I want but can't quite describe -- and to my surprise, instead of coming back with questions, they come back with a clarifying direction that makes iterating on the next step easy. So strategy creation is faster than I expect ... and the creative dev is then fast as well. They can do both big and small projects. I've used them for larger creative pieces, custom animation -- and they were my first call when I need to film a CEO on a Saturday to do a confidential recording of a multi billion dollar acquisition ... and my first call 4-weeks into a role to bring a logo I was inheriting to life (and while they did what I asked in my 48 hour deadline, they added in a surprise use of the logo that they offered to remove but we didn't as it perfectly evolved the brand -- pure bonus). NOTE: I didn't put in budget as I have used them for projects from $1k to $50k.

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