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Tell better stories

In a world of repetitive and dull content, be the marketer that tells stories people care about. We are a storytelling agency that helps marketers at technology brands tell better, meaningful stories that engage with their customers.

We noticed how stale and boring B2B communications are. So we decided to breathe fresh life into B2B through our storytelling expertise that we honed in television, film, and advertising.

We work with technology brands that have problems with communicating their complex products to their potential customers.

We translate their complex product or service into simple, entertaining, and engaging videos.

This means that people will spend more time interacting with the brand’s story, forming a connection so that their personas will turn into loyal customers and fans of the brand.

Client Reviews (6)

Pure professionalism


It was our pleasure to cooperate with Black Rabbit team on a video about Ronald McDonald House in Warsaw. The filming was at a hectic time when the House was almost ready and we were preparing the opening. We wanted to follow the construction workers with the camera as well as cast the due limelight on our staff, volunteers and donors.

Wojtek and his team were well aware of how little time we had. And yet he was able to adjust the schedule so that the filming took two days only. Very task-oriented, he is full of ideas which can later be seen in the exceptional quality of the videos. He is professional, flexible and fun to work with. A good listener, Wojtek can spot the key message and understand the culture of the organization. On the set, he keeps his eyes on the goal throughout the process.

His crew is exceptionally competent and organized. One can see how comfortable they are with Wojtek in charge of things. Those people are the best ad Black Rabbit can wish for.

The final result of their work had us glued to the screen. The camerawork, the angle, the lighting and the way actors were captured - all transformed into a message that evokes an array of emotions.

Development Manager
Fundacja Ronalda McDonalda
Non-Profit Organization Management
about 1 year ago
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