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Start with Strategy

We don’t know many companies who can afford to take a year or more to define their brand.

That’s why we created StepZero; a collaborative branding methodology that takes weeks, not months, to get your business on solid brand footing. Using what you already know, we define and document your brand platform, then identify the most important strategic priorities to help your team focus on what’s going to move the needle.

Finally, we create a plan based on the strategy that gets everyone into action.

Looking to launch, refresh or rethink your brand? Let's talk.

Ron Farnum

Client Reviews (1)

Professional. Impactful. Effective.


Budget Range
greater than $200,000

Damen Jackson helped us brand a new product line that was vastly different from anything our company had ever produced in its 100-year history. We needed a partner who had enough vision to create a brand that was strong enough to stand on its own, yet the brand also had to be able to connect to the company's heritage. Damen Jackson helped us create a brand that is now making waves in an industry populated by long-time incumbents as well as disruptive startups. From branding to industrial design to packaging to collateral, Damen Jackson provided a turnkey solution at perhaps the most critical time in the life of the new product line. They even partnered with outside resources to help design and deliver a functional website that was actually part of our product offering. This is a great example of how they went above and beyond to help us find solutions.

Business Unit Manager
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
over 1 year ago
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