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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is Gestalt: distinct, holistic, globally minded brand creation that breaks through to stimulate your entire business. Our experienced team has developed some of the most recognizable brands in the world for decades, working together to bring the power of integrated branding to all brand touch points. We believe true branding extends beyond marketing communications, media and data. True branding is the gestalt of distinct and ownable brand purpose, story and aesthetic flowing seamlessly together and enduring over time.

Where we excel:
-depth of strategic brand thinking
-distinct and ownable brand ideas and aesthetic
-culturally inspired, holistic brand activation and execution
-true partner with proven experience and results


Gestalt Brand Lab Experience

Client Reviews (10)

Dream Team


Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000

I had been leading a brand transformation project for a client, a key phase of which involved creatively aligning a portfolio of brands (through the respective packaging of these brands.) A key priority for us was to find a partner that not only possessed packaging expertise, but also a partner with a clear grasp of brand management fundamentals. Gestalt far exceed our expectations on both counts.

The team at Gestalt were a dream from day 1. They didn't approach the work from a strictly 'design driven' perspective. They took the time to understand the brand work we'd been doing. They knew what we were setting out to achieve strategically. And with that brand understanding in mind, the earliest creative work was already firmly aligned to goals. This speed to solution was important. Out of the gate home runs were being hit. We were provided a wide range of conceptual options, all of which met the brief. And once we selected a concept to execute across the many brands, their expertise in both the specifics and subtleties of packaging design became apparent. Complete portfolio alignment, gorgeously expressed.

A final note. Great creative is one thing. Obtaining that from a team that is so clever, easy and fun to work with is altogether less common. It was a joy and privilege working with everyone at this amazing agency! I'd recommend them to anyone unreservedly?

Imagination Cafe
Marketing and Advertising
over 1 year ago
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