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When you are given the responsibility of defining and developing a fast-growing brand, you must surround yourself with people who make you better. A year ago, I was given this task and partnered with Gestalt Brand Lab of San Diego… I could not be more pleased. I have had the experience of being on both the agency and client side of the fence in my career. The executives at Gestalt Brand Lab first seek to completely immerse and understand your brand, quickly uncovering blind spots. They partnered with us at Luna Grill on our journey to define our purpose, values, brand positioning, voice and aesthetics. They are an intelligent group of individuals who base their work upon insights and relevant observations. A true partner in every sense, constantly challenging, pushing and learning.
Their ability to turn strategy on paper into beautiful executions is remarkable. They have turned our functional into the emotional, and have helped us connect and build our consumer base. Big ideas do not need to cost big dollar$, by way of our Coastal Med Bowl. TV Spot attached. This was produced during COVID for a fraction of the dollars of a typical production.
The partnership has produced great results… our product mix, sales and food photography have seen a dramatic change in direction. The agency is a well-rounded tribe of brand veterans who are not only strategically savvy, charismatically creative, but just really… good… people.

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