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About Us

Our creative design agency Moloko is located in Florida (USA) & Vilnius. Since 2016 we have been creating quality design and effective communications: advertising, corporate identity, packages, videos, animation and much more.

We need only one conversation to understand what you need and do what you want.

We seek to understand the philosophy of brand we working with and offer something that will definitely please. In turn, brands trust our ideas, experience and consciousness free from stereotypes.

Client Reviews (2)

Development of naming, logo and corporate identity for a mobile accessories retailer

Budget Range
less than $20,000

We set the Moloko Agency the task of developing naming, a logo and corporate identity. The main goal of the development was to stand out in the market and convey to potential clients that we have exactly what they are looking for - a trendy, high-quality range of mobile accessories for any phone model.

However, as we closed the initial requests from our side, and seeing how well the agency does its work, the following requests appeared. Thus, as our work with Moloko Creative Ltd. developed, we also began cooperating with them in areas such as developing the appearance of retail outlets, their pre-installation visualization, website development, maintaining and promoting the brand in social networks, and developing a corporate presentation.

Because brand development is closely tied to trends, we chose a company that solved similar problems. The portfolio of the Moloko agency, their corporate style and design of their website, and its stylistics made them the most successful of the agencies between which we chose. Also important was getting to know the team. They are young and energetic guys, which for us meant a match for our goals in product development. We liked their honest and open attitude, without enticing us with a low price at the start, etc.

To date, we are introducing the design into the retail facilities and seeing how much brighter we are becoming. It is too early for us to draw conclusions yet, as we are writing this review between different stages of implementation, but we are confident in its success, because the main thing in it is that it inspires us.

Owner and director
Futukrama LLC
over 2 years ago
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