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a design agency rooted in retail

We are Porchlight, an Atlanta-based design studio that specializes in strategic and creative marketing solutions – both online and offline.

Combined, we have over 40 years of experience in developing strategies and consumer-driven solutions to help products sell. Our roots are in the home improvement industry and our from-the-ground-up retail experience has shaped our approach to business and focuses on partnerships, customer service and straightforward communication.

Our approach to design is similarly guided by our time on the retail floor coupled with our desire to stay on top of emerging technologies. We know from experience that while most buying decisions are made when consumers come face-to-face with your product or service, there are countless initial touchpoints that the consumer comes across that are critical prior to the purchase decision. We design graphics and artwork that get consumers excited about purchasing your products and services.

Our designs build trust and familiarity, while establishing brand relationships. We strive to make our clients' products and services stand out from the crowd, speak clearly and address the everyday concerns of consumers.

Client Reviews (2)

Strategic, Creative, and High Quality


Our firm has worked with Porchlight for 8 years, and they've proven time and time again to not only produce quality work but to be invested in helping our firm grow. They help us think through and implement larger marketing initiatives in a variety of marketing services. While our firm is outside the home improvement realm, this team never skips a beat in understanding our world and providing design strategies to best help convey our technical jargon to our clients and potential clients. They just get it.

Marketing Director
Capital Investment Advisors
Financial Services
about 6 years ago
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