Smarthinking Inc.: focused, detail-oriented, analytics-driven

Smarthinking Inc. is among the most focused advertising groups that I have ever worked with. As a Client Partner who works with various agencies and clients in the luxury real estate sector, I see Mark and Amber Natale’s calm demeanor and attention to detail as a breath of fresh air. Their candor and enthusiasm about their clients demonstrates an intimate knowledge beyond the basic needs and goals of an ad campaign. This has created a foundation of engagement and collaboration from the start, and has made it easy to recommend the best possible programs for their client.

During our work together, Smarthinking Inc. has utilized analytics and facts to help steer the decision making process. If something isn't working, or if one aspect is outperforming others, they communicate this in a clear manner, making sure to reference their analytics as the driving force behind the results. At the same time, they'll also look for solid audience and product data before trying new initiatives. While they will go to great lengths to explore new opportunities for their client, they will only move forward with items after they've been thoroughly vetted and analyzed.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mark and Amber on any advertising and marketing initiative, and would recommend their services to any client in need.

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