Traction uncovered the things I didn't know that I didn’t know.
Budget Range
greater than $200,000

When I met Traction, they understood what we needed at the time and came to the table with a bunch of creative ideas. They did their homework. Their relationship building was excellent. Their power of listening was exceptional. It was a really good project, and they did terribly terribly well.

There was a moment, an outstanding tipping point, when I knew I had chosen the right agency. We were going through concept generation with them and they had presented to the executive group. Traction nailed the meeting and clearly presented what their solutions would deliver. That moment was a validation, because I knew I had picked the right agency, but getting a response from the executive board was a true validation.

In terms of results, we were working in channels Bank of America hadn’t worked in before, so there were no benchmarks. Our company being relatively risk averse, Traction was able to blow the targets out of the water 10x. They were spectacular.

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