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About Traction

Traction is a creative agency that is very good at uncovering insights about your customer and connecting them to the work we produce for your brand through branding, advertising/content and digital experiences.

Insights are critical for producing work that drives business results because today's customer is not just harder to reach, they are actively taking steps to ignore your marketing. The reason Traction exists is to create work that people actually want to consume.

Our core competencies are branding, advertising and web design. We have in-house capabilities for strategy, creative, media, web development and analytics.

But what sets us apart is how we've created an integrated method of working that ensures ideas are always driven by insights.

It's a formula that works. Over the past few years, Traction has been a 4-time finalist for iMedia Small Agency of the Year and has won Small Agency of the Year awards from both Advertising Age and the Business Marketing Association. We were proud to be named the #1 Creative Advertising Agency in the US by Agency Spotter in 2018.


Marketing people actually want

Today's consumers are not just harder to reach... they're actively taking steps to block your marketing. We make content and experiences they actually want to consume.

Client Reviews (3)

Traction is a great boutique agency that understands the challenges of today’s digital world.


Budget Range
greater than $200,000

From the beginning, I knew Traction was a great fit because they immediately understood our challenges. We were a new product and still evolving, but Adam (CEO) and Theo (Creative Director) were very good about articulating the challenges we faced and helped us clarify our product and choose a lane.

What I liked about Traction was I had all the resources of a big agency but in a package of a boutique agency. If I needed X they had it. If I needed Y they did it. When I needed creative, Theo would show up, and when I needed account services, Adam would show up.

Traction was extremely valuable and made a big contribution to our company.

Senior Director of Marketing
about 2 years ago
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