Trajectory helped us establish our brand and created a 12 month marketing plan.
Private User in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry
Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000


The Wellness Way was looking for a company to come in and establish our brand as well as create a marketing plan to move forward on. We connected with Trajectory early on in our conversation which lead us to picking them out of over 50 different agencies that we reached out to.

The moment we knew Trajectory was the right choice was during their presentation of our new brand guidelines. Our owner didn't even think twice about what was created. It was off to the races after that.

Trajectory did what was asked of them. Of course, we had issues but resolved them fast and figured out how we can work together. In all, they were dedicated and willing to go the extra mile. Our company greatly appreciates them. If you are in need of a brand restructure, go to them!

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