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Content Science

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WE'RE TRUSTED CONTENT ADVISORS FOCUSED ON RESULTS - Colleen Jones founded Content Science in 2010 with the release of her popular book, Clout: The Art + Science of Influential Web Content. Since then, Content Science has evolved into an award-winning think tank and product incubator. We blend the best of management consulting and science to tackle complex content problems. Our approach advances content practice for the content marketing industry and for dozens of the world’s leading organizations, ranging from Dell to American Cancer Society. We’re not an ad agency focused on a short campaign. We partner with you to establish a successful content hub with the right vision, strategy, people, processes, and tools. Instead of creating all content for you, we empower your organization to do it yourselves now and for the long haul. And we help you measure results. Aaron Burgess of Dell put it like this: "I found Content Science very approachable and very much willing to spend the time it took to get in and understand the complexities of the company. One of the things we were really impressed by was that they focused on measurable results, and measurable results as they were relevant to our business." So, what is our mission? To make your content make a difference by empowering your content teams to thrive. We do that with our 3 Ps: 1. Professional services including consulting, training, and custom research 2. Publications including the award-winning magazine Content Science Review with subscriptions to premium content 3. The award-winning ContentWRX Platform, a SaaS that assesses your content’s effectiveness

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