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Audience Innovation® – Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Campaigns

Audience Innovation® – Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Campaigns

Direct Marketing

TOUCH POINTS THAT MATTER® – MAGAZINE COVER WRAP & INTERACTIVE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT PLATFORMS - Founded in 2005, Audience Innovation serves high-impact sales and marketing objectives to drive reliable ROI for clients both B2B and B2C targeting objectives. Our innovative targeting spans effective results across many categories for which we’ve developed an international reputation for precision delivery and valued ROI sales performance. Clients and agencies who engage Audience Innovation stay with Audience Innovation – Touch Points That Matter®. Audience Innovation is a touch point strategist, providing database marketing expertise to enable multi-tiered tangible touch points for client/agency partners. We provide adept delivery of highly-valued touch point solutions, and working with a client’s CRM and/or proven data providers for targeting precision, and delivery – i.e. we work with their database and/or we build it for you, all inclusive. Launched by Paul Kostial, President & CEO, Audience Innovation has long developed a reputation of excellence since our inception in 2006. Kostial was formerly with Time Inc. for 17 years, as VP Sales at Targeted Media, their former coverwrap division, and working with brands and clients. Prior to Time Inc., Paul was a planning director at well-known agencies including: Campbell-Ewald (DTW), Lintas (NYC), Bloom, Bozell, and Temerlin (DFW). • FOR MORE, Visit Us Online – • SCHEDULE, Visit Us Online – • Or CALL US for INFO & IDEAS – 888.241.6634,719

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Direct Marketing

WE IMPROVE YOUR DIRECT MARKETING RESPONSE - Offering Direct Response consulting and direct marketing audits, DMCG can implement its recommendations after you approve them. This includes direct mail and email creative services, direct response radio, landing pages, front and backend analytics and all forms of creative development for one-to-one marketing communications. You can hire us for turnkey support or campaign elements such as audits, direct marketing campaign plans, creative development, relational database planning segmentation, vendor selection support or other project depending upon your direct marketing needs. As your direct marketing agency, we select the best talent for your particular assignments by subcontracting proven direct marketing freelancers and specialists.This means that you work only with proven professionals to create response breakthroughs for your direct marketing campaigns. This model gives you the best talent for a lower fee because it requires lower overhead than a traditional agency. In the creative arena, DMCG has created numerous direct mail controls. Several publications have commented on work created by DMCG. One such publication, insidedirectmail published an article entitled "AARP Tackles the Question of When, Not IF" about an AARP membership direct mail control package we created. This super control persists to this day in spite of many attempts to displace it over the last decade. This is a good example of customer acquisition direct mail that must achieve sustained response rates across a multitude of list sources running into the millions of pieces. After literally hundreds of direct response tests in all channels, DMCG brings unique strengths to your creative development. This control displacement process, for example, includes thorough research into your response history considering both successful and failed offers. We combine this research with offers made repeatedly by other direct marketers to come up with new, potential offer test candidates for your test campaigns.

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