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Simple Story

Simple Story

Video Production

VIDEO DESIGN AGENCY - A story does more than communicate an idea; a story inspires action. Simple Story helps businesses in any industry simplify their value propositions using video. Everyone in your organization is selling something: a product, a service, an idea. Our videos deliver the perfect sales pitch each and every time. Simple Story was founded in 2011 and has produced over 500 animation and live-action videos for a full gamut of industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies with varied clients such as Bell Media, CIBC, Shopify, Canada Council for the Arts, the International Labor Organization, Pitney Bowes, Citrix, Blackboard Inc., and the Government of Canada. As an industry leader in video production, our strategists and creators work to design bespoke video content by establishing a meaningful connection with audiences through storytelling. As a Video Design Agency, we use a sophisticated creative approach with technical methodology to balance art and production to meet business objectives. Our team is built with balance; consisting of marketing professionals and creative minds that work together to provide the type of performance and execution normally seen in large scale agencies. Through our collective expertise, we understand effective communication and how to resonate with audiences in order to maximize influence. We base our decisions on proven case studies from the most successful communication strategies in video production, and we execute by blending our passion for art with business purpose.

10 - 49 Staff
Shikatani Lacroix Design SLD

Shikatani Lacroix Design SLD


ABOUT SLD - We believe the marketplace is going through significant transformation and these changes offer new opportunities for companies to move beyond brand engagement to full immersion in a brand experience. Our core belief – immersion – is redefining brand engagement. It is moving from provoking some sort of action among the audience – a tweet, a post, a face-to-face conversation – to creating a place where consumers forget they are even shopping. Immersion blurs the lines between story and marketing, storyteller and audience, illusion and reality. Immersive design harnesses powerful and evolving technologies to create these immersive experiences in which the consumer participates, further leveraging new insights founded on behavioral science on how people shop and buy. The result not only converts shopper to the customer, but builds tremendous bonds between the customer and the brand, between the audience and the story. Whether it’s increasing traffic, generating sales, boosting monthly transactions or shifting brand perceptions, everything we do is geared to owning a more immersive “at-purchase” moment. Well-credentialed and considered industry thought leaders, we work in just about every visual communication discipline. We combine the expertise and hands-on experience of a large design firm with the laser-like focus and entrepreneurial passion of a boutique agency. Our firm provides strategy through to consumer packaging, digital experience and merchandising with a strong focus on helping brands win at the moment of purchase.

50 - 100 Staff
Multiple Cities
Social Media 55

Social Media 55

Social Media

WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOUR BUSINESS - Call Social Media 55 Toll Free 1-844-633-4255 1-844-MEDIA-55 Social Media is now one of the most powerful marketing tools with the ability to communicate with a target audience in real time. The challenge some do it yourself companies run into is the ability to develop and maintain these channels. What We Do? Our solutions are customized to address your needs and offer peace of mind by maintaining these channels so that you may focus your time and energy on other aspects of your business. Our social media solutions cater to any size business. Our ‘a la carte’ style options are designed to maximize your ability to communicate with your target audience. Speak with one of our specialists today to design a solution that best meets your needs. Customizing a business website that compliments your business profile is instrumental in the success delivery of your brand and service message through the use of innovative venues that generate traffic and sales. We design and build customized websites that compliment and serve your business needs from e-commerce to a service oriented platform. We design one or more landing pages with a call-to-action to generate leads. We create an up to date tailored website that will capture an optimal traffic flow. Brands are constantly looking for new ways to drive traffic and convert the traffic to sales. We offer Influencer Marketing as an additional service to you so you can maximize on the visibility. We maximize visibility via strategic alliances with PR and modelling agencies that expands your network of influencers, bloggers, vloggers and celebrities for a fee or in exchange for product.

10 - 49 Staff
Multiple Cities
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