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WE FUEL STARTUPS™ - We specialize in working with startups. Not only can we design everything from MVPs to full-scale products, but as startup founders ourselves, we have the experience and know-how to help bring those designs to fruition—whether it's raising seed funding, prototyping, or getting into accelerator programs. We're not just focused on pushing pixels and then passing them on to the next person in the assembly line (or as we like to call it, design-and-ditch), we're looking at the big picture. Unlike traditional agencies, we take pride in being hands-on through the entire process; something we’ve found can be critical to the success of a startup. Getting Results The value of working with a team that specializes in startups, is we are constantly accumulating more experience within the industry, and we apply that knowledge to get better results for our clients. It’s like an upward spiral and it gets results: collectively, our clients have raised over $4M in funding and have gotten into accelerator programs like TechStars and 500 Startups. Perfect Pitch When the design is finished, a lot of agencies will simply collect their check and wash their hands of the project. We go the extra mile and help you present to investors. As startup founders, we've been through the pitch ringer once or twice (or dozens of time)—we know what to expect, how to handle it, and we can help you through the process. Product Leadership We're not just great Photoshoppers—we also have experience developing products as entrepreneurs. This allows us to contribute to your project beyond just the design by providing our expertise on product development—offering suggestions on everything from functionalities to defining your MVP. We don't want to step on any toes, but we also don’t turn a blind eye to improvements. Just like good New Yorkers, if we see something, we say something. Craftsmanship Our passion for design and aesthetics ensures that every product is unique, with each project tailored to that individual startup—from the layout to the icons to the signup forms. We’re Users Too Our past experience spans across web, mobile, and tablet platforms: everything from gamification to in-depth business analysis applications to social networking sites. If a user can experience it, we can build it. Project Management Our quick turnaround time allows us to move through each project swiftly, but we understand the need for breathing room. Move too fast and you miss the little details; move too slow and it's near impossible to get feedback and re-iterate. We strive for that perfect balance.

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