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WE DESIGN GROWTH - THRIVE is an experienced group of researchers, strategists and designers based in Atlanta, Georgia. We work at the intersection of design, the social sciences and business to help companies create new value. Our expertise in reinventing categories, connecting insights to business, envisioning new ideas, developing new products, and translating brands into tangible experiences, has helped leading companies to THRIVE. Our philosophy is simple: Put people at the center of everything we do, employ design to explore the possible and transform ideas into experiences that will create positive impact. EMOTION MATTERS How you make people feel is as important as what you make. Rationality is assuring, but emotion engages and if you can’t connect with consumers you won’t win. We employ ethnographic and co-creation research methods to go beyond the surface opinions of consumers to understand the emotional triggers that drive decision making and purchase behavior as it relates to your product or brand. HOW WE WORK We Build Empathy - We keep people at the heart of our process to establish empathy and connect companies with their customers and the consumer. We understand people in context to learn from their behaviors, attitudes and motivations. We Reframe Problems as Opportunities - We help organizations see opportunities in fresh, new ways, fundamentally shifting the way they approach their customers, brand, or business. We Make Ideas Tangible - We prototype early and often, making ideas tangible, so they can be shaped by your customers and your team. We Prompt Action - We use storytelling and visual communication to make the intangible — tangible, meaningful and engaging. We craft verbal and visual stories to communicate new ideas and compel organizations to take action. We Empower Our Partners - We establish transparent and collaborative relationships that give full access to our entire team. We are committed to making sure that our work can be socialized and activated at different levels of your organization, and that our impact is holistic. We Design Responsibly - More than just creating products, we employ systems thinking to design outcomes that impact the environment and society in a positive manner. Let’s talk about your next challenge.

50 - 100 Staff
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