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Momentum Design Lab

Momentum Design Lab


INNOVATIVE. USER FOCUSED. SILICON VALLEY, NYC, LONDON - Momentum is an award winning Silicon Valley, New York City, & London based user experience design & development agency serving startups to the Fortune 500. Our services include - Research, Product Strategy, Design, and Development. We specialize in: + Product innovation for Enterprise/SaaS & Consumer web & mobile + Customer experience design + Digital transformation IN THE BUSINESS OF BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION With clients in categories like Enterprise Software, Consumer Software, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Ad Tech, DevOps, etc., Momentum looks at the totality of a client’s enterprise and develops solutions that can have impact on how their clients do business. From AI to Blockchain to IoT to cloud-based app development, we help our customers in ways that go well beyond conventional marketing tools. TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCES Because word of mouth often begins online, we believe we can be an agent of change not just for your marketing, but for the entire online customer experience. We offer design thinking-based and technology driven services in digital product innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation. TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN Our team of expert, UX/CX strategists, designers and developers are passionate about technology and dedicated to helping solve complex business problems through our expertise in human-centered design, data science, personalization, and software engineering. Global clientele in: San Francisco, London, Santa Clara, Austin, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Paris, Singapore, San Diego, Vancouver, Chicago, Hong Kong, Salt Lake City, Washington D.C., Tokyo, Boston, San Jose, Toronto, Miami, Detroit, Philadelphia, Mexico City, Atlanta, Berlin, Amsterdam, Houston, and Irvine.

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