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AWARD WINNING AR, VR & MIXED REALITY SOLUTIONS COMPANY - CXR.Agency is an award-winning end-to-end Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality Agency building cutting-edge experiences from concept to deployment. Whether your brand needs a completely custom retail experience in XR or wants to take advantage of Immersive Learning & Training for your employees, we’ll help you craft world-class experiences. Our company's mission is to reimagine solutions for how people interact with brands and E-commerce, use Immersive Learning in manufacturing, provide safety training in workspaces, conduct AR/VR marketing campaigns to drive sales, and also render 3D models to showcase Real Estate. With the collaborative efforts of our team of adept developers and a detail-oriented management team, our services help redefine Metaverse Development to engage audiences and build stronger communications. We’re establishing a new standard of exciting, immersive experiences – giving businesses a chance to cultivate stronger connections with users and bring new life to their operational strategies. Join us as we solve the challenges of today with the technology of tomorrow. Our Services: Immersive Training: Our Immersive Training Solutions use Virtual & Augmented Reality to revamp corporate training platforms, and are aimed towards providing the knowledge and skills your workforce needs, by exposing them to real world scenarios and exercises. Such a learning medium promotes higher engagement, which helps your employees to truly make sense of the best practices. XR Marketing: As a leading XR agency, our goal is to help you achieve better conversions, and this is exactly where the technical breakthroughs of AR and VR Marketing add value. We craft better virtual interactive experiences to help you connect with your target audience. With the application of AR and VR advertising, you can educate your customers with more memorable 360 degree interactive solutions. Our team of creative artists and developers have the ability and expertise to create products that understand the needs of your customer using spatial analytics, eye tracking and other technologies, and you can use this information to customize your ad campaigns. 3D Modeling: We offer robust 3D modeling services that provide optimized 3D models for your specific needs, this includes building digital twins, CGI models, volumetric videos or virtual representation of anything real or imaginary. Our team of creative experts, aim to help your customers to get a better feel for your product. Virtual Reality: CXR is an award-winning VR solutions company that has successfully turned imaginations into concrete realities, by providing a 360 degree experience, surrounded by 3D models of real or imaginary objects. With our Virtual Reality Services, your enterprise can effectively immerse customers and/or employees in interactive environments where they can interact with products, have a better educational experience, participate in your ad campaigns, hold meetings and conferences, view real estate properties and much more. Augmented Reality: CXR offers Augmented Reality Services for B2B and B2C purposes. Our team of adept AR app developers, creative artists, and strategists will help you evaluate your customer experience and engagement to ensure that you drive higher value sales interactions, conversions, and awareness for your brand. Be it for Entertainment, Classroom Education, Public Safety, Real Estate or Tourism, we are prepared to help you with your specific needs. Retail Store Virtualization: With the advancement in digital commerce, use of augmented and virtual reality in retail is being widely tested and implemented. Customers shopping in VR & AR make more informed buying decisions, less returns and feel more educated about your products and brand. If you want to create a smart retail experience, we can help you keep your customers engaged in your brand. WebAR and NativeAR: Leverage customer reach by using Web AR, making your AR content easily available on a browser and enabling your customers to be more inclined to view and share your content. With an award-winning campaign and a memorable experience, you can create a lasting impact that translates to conversions. CXR will help your marketing campaigns create higher touch interactions, and push new content faster and cheaper. Metaverse Services for Enterprise: CXR is the leading Metaverse Consulting Agency, with the objective of helping your organization create a coherent vision for the Metaverse and a presence in it, with the right foundations to flourish. The foundations of the Metaverse are being crafted today, these include VR and AR Technology, Game Engine Development, Spatial Design Concepts and the leveraging of Web3 Approaches and Protocols. We have a well defined process aimed at better understanding your concepts, through intensive brainstorming sessions and collaborative prototyping, as well as taking a holistic approach to define and implement your vision. We are here to address your changing needs and make your metaverse enterprise solutions a success.

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CM&D - AN AWARD-WINNING VR/AR PRODUCTION STUDIO - We believe in the power of virtual reality and the art of storytelling. As a full-service virtual reality production studio, we help our clients through the entire process of creating stunning immersive experiences (VR, AR & 360 Video). From discovering the perfect story to tell, through offering a wide range of development services and by leaning on proven deployment strategies, we build immersive content that leaves a lasting impact on your audience. Services: We live at the crossroads of interactive storytelling and immersive development. From the first time we meet through campaign launch and beyond, we work alongside your team to create amazing experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Interactive Storytelling: We take the time to get to know your brand, your team and your audience. Engaging experiences are the result of deep understanding and thorough planning. - Creative Direction - Experience Design - Immersive Brand Strategy - KPI's & Performance Metrics Immersive Development: We stay up to date on the latest immersive tools to help ensure we build the experiences your story deserves. Every story is unique; telling it in the greatest form possible. - 360° Video Production - Virtual Reality Development - Augmented Reality Development - WebAR & WebVR Engagement: We ensure your experience is seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time. A great story with no audience is no story at all. - Distribution Brand Strategy - Immersive Brand Activations - Backend Support & Database Management - Analytics & Performance Optimization

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