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TDMK Digital

TDMK Digital

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SIMPLIFYING THE COMPLEXITY - TDMK Digital is a full-service digital agency consisting of innovators, problem solvers, designers and engineers. We were created to provide inspiring digital user experience, latest software technology, and agile solutions to commercial and Government organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our specialized experience in working with digital technologies, device manufacturers, operators, technology providers and major consumer brands to envision and create rich, next-generation user interfaces would bring the insight and experience required to execute projects and meet business objectives. TDMK Digital holds client assignments for Fortune 500 brands and has experience producing digital products for small and large businesses around the world. Our clients include the US Census, US Department of Defense, US Department of Veterans Affairs, Amtrak, and Verizon Wireless. TDMK Digital provides outstanding services in a full range of digital user experience and custom development services such as desktop, web, telematics, and mobile applications. We are equipped to take on large scale projects and complex requirements. We deliver cost effective results without compromising quality, yet do so while maintaining the integrity of our collaborative company culture and our mission to provide tailored services to our clients. TDMK Digital is optimized to respond to today’s ever-growing technology challenges.

10 - 49 Staff
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